Home Improvements to Consider in 2015

Home Improvements to Consider in 2015

Homeowners are always looking for improvements that will give them the most in return. Home improvements don’t have to be a long, difficult task – they can actually be fun! It’s important to make sure the updates you do to your home will actually benefit you in the long run. One of the trends for home improvements this year is focused on creating entertaining spaces while being environmentally friendly and reducing energy costs. Below are six home improvement ideas to help get you started:

Hot tubs

  • Easy way to increase property value without installing a permanent fixture – most hot tubs can be relocated to give your yard an updated look
  • May not give the same increase as an in-ground pool, but will definitely add curb appeal!
  • Great for entertaining all year – used a lot by top professional athletes and CEOs
  • Can be small enough to add to a balcony or patio, especially if you live in a townhouse or condo and don’t have a large backyard


  • Reduces energy usage as well as utility bills
  • Check with your local government to see if they provide a grant or no-interest loan to help finance the addition of a solar to your home

Use Rainwater

  • Reduce your water bill by harvesting rainwater, especially as water sources become more valuable and cost of water increases
  • Look into the different ways of harvesting and using rainwater for personal use – there are several to choose from
  • Recycled rainwater as a main source of water for your home will also help conserve the environment now and for generations to come

Sustainable Gardens

  • Provides you with healthy and organic food while keeping local water sources clean
  • Increase property value – many potential buyers will only look at homes that have a garden already in place


  • A great addition to any home – provides a space for entertaining, an extra office, or guest room
  • Less expensive alternative when building on to your home
  • Can reduce energy usage while providing a clean, hygienic environment
  • If you’re not looking to build on a room, consider adding a screened enclosure or insulated patio cover – these also provide great spaces for entertaining while reducing the cost to the homeowner

Home Security

  • One of the easiest and most cost efficient home improvements
  • Adds property value as well as an extra sense of security
  • Installing home security systems can lower home insurance rates
  • Highest ROI for homeowners

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