Home Tech Trends to Transform Your Dumb Home

Home Tech Trends to Transform Your Dumb Home

When listing your home you will need to do some research on what to update in your home.  On this list of updates you will want to consider transforming your not-so-smart home to a technology savvy home.  Below are some home tech trends you will want to consider upgrading to in order to make your home more desirable and tech-advanced.

Taking your Kitchen to a New Level

Kitchen updates with technology may make you think that you are on The Jetsons!  There are now appliances which can tell you that something in your fridge is about to expire, giving you a warning to let you know that you should use this in your dinner tonight.  To also help you cook your dinner there is a stove top from Whirlpool that comes with a projector.  Instead of looking through your phone or in that old cookbook for the recipe that you need it can be projected on the wall.  If these new appliances overwhelm you there are some lower-tech options like a stove top from Thermador which can help speed up the cooking process by having touch screen.

Safety First

Buyers are often willing to spend more money if it means that their family will be safer.  The EchoStar’s Sage home security system can do this for them.  This security systems is one of the first ever where you are able to control everything going on in your home right from the couch.  If someone rings your doorbell a message can be sent to the TV giving you a warning and showing who is at the door.  If cameras are installed throughout the house you can check in on kids in different rooms by looking at the TV.  No need to worry about if your bedroom is warm or cool enough when you go to bed, you can adjust the temperature too!  Another benefit is that it is easy to install and operate even if technology is not your thing.

Smaller Appliances

If you don’t feel comfortable making these bigger purchases for your home there are still some home tech trends that you can integrate into your home to make it more desirable.  WeMo has a list of appliances and sensors which can help update your home.  If you have a sprinkler system you can install a sensor that will turn off the sprinkler if it is raining.  There are also sensors that can warn you about leaks in your home protecting you from a potential disaster. And if you don’t have air conditioning in your home you can purchase a fan from Big Ass Fans which will use a sensor to identify your body temperature to cool the room.

The integration of home tech trends into your sales pitch can help make your home more marketable.  Buyers like to know that their home is safe, eco-friendly, and their life can be made easier.  By doing a few extra things to your home it can be the best home in the neighborhood!

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