Let’s De-Stress Your Home Selling Process

Let’s De-Stress Your Home Selling Process

When going through the process of selling a home you may become overly stressed. But stress not – Core Capital Group is here to help! Below are Core Capital Groups tips for stress relieving tips than can help make the home selling process easier for you and for everyone involved.

Being on the same page throughout the process

It seems like right at the end of the deal something stressful always happens.  By communicating with your agent and all those involved in your home selling process before you even list the home the hard decisions that have to be made can be made easier.  Before listing your home decide on the lowest you are willing to sell your home for and get all documents related to your home organized so you don’t have to find them during crunch time.

Deep breathing can be key

Taking a step back from the home selling process and taking a few deep breaths can be very helpful throughout the time your home is listed.  Once you start to feel yourself getting stressed – ie: you have begun to clench your teeth or you feel those achy shoulders coming on – take three deep breaths and remember “it will all be over soon.”

Getting some fresh air

It is important that when you become stressed you step away for a bit.  Get outside even if it is only for a minute or two as this can really help your mood.  If you can go for a hike, bike ride, run, or walk the exercise will make you feel even better as the endorphins that result from the activity can really change your mood.

Letting your mind rest

Your mind may be constantly running with worries and questions.  This can be damaging to your health and cause you to become more stressed.  Make sure you take 5 minutes each day to clear your mind.  Sit peacefully and take deep breathes without thinking about anything related to your worries.  Even if you are unable to meditate these 5 minutes of quiet can be very helpful.

Controlling what you can

It is important to remember that you can’t control everything when selling your home.  Things are going to happen that you may have to stomach and others will happen that you will be able to change.  It is important to not stress over what you can’t change and try to only focus on the things that you can.

Selling your home can be a very stressful time. But if you follow these above tips it will not only help your health but also make the home selling process a little easier!

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