These Things Can KILL Your Home Sale

These Things Can KILL Your Home Sale

You need to make sure that your home is prepared before putting it on the market.  If you chose to list your home without making adjustments and improvements it will most likely sit on the market for an extended amount of time with no or too low offers.  To put yourself in position for a quick home sale, avoid the following issues.

Too Much Damage

If you have ignored the weeds growing in the front garden, the holes in the walls, or other major aspects of your home it is going to be difficult to sell it for the right price.  Make sure you address these improvements so potential buyers don’t see the negative aspects of your home and can focus on the positives.

Bathrooms with Carpets

If you decided to keep carpets in the bathrooms while you lived there that is okay for you, but get rid of them now.  Potential buyers will want them removed and will decrease their offer based on this.

Large Stains

If there are large animal stains or spill stains on the carpet you will need to replace it or drop the price of your home.  Potential buyers will see the replacement of the rug and the feeling that your home is unclean as a reason to offer you a much lower price.

The Smell of Your Pets

When owning pets your home smells even if you don’t believe it.  The best way to get rid of this smell when showing your home is to get rid of the litter box and give all rugs and upholstery a good cleaning.

Too Much Noise

Buyers are looking for a home that is peaceful and quiet.  If you have a barking dog in the neighborhood this can take away from your home and make some buyers not want to buy it.  To make sure this does not happen, ask your neighbor if you can pay someone to walk their dog when you are showing your home.

Not Taking Care of the Outside

It is important that you take some time to clean up the outside of the home so buyers will look forward to going inside.  Some buyers will be turned away from your home if you have not taken care of the outside.  Spend a weekend improving your home’s curb appeal.

An Underperforming Agent

Not all agents are the same.  If your agent is not giving you and your home the appropriate attention get rid of them.

Not Enough Space

When decluttering the countertops and rooms make sure you don’t stuff everything in your cabinets and closets because buyers will be looking in there.  They don’t want to see these areas full and think your home does not have enough space.

Being Unreasonable

In the end you will need to negotiate with the potential buyer.  After inspections their offering price may not be exactly what you would like but you will want to work with them.  If not you may be forced to take an even lower offer the next time.

Not Being in Neutral

For some buyers having to paint a few rooms can mean they won’t buy the house or they will lower their offer price significantly.  To avoid having this happen to you paint rooms in your house a neutral color.

If you do it right, selling your home can be simple and mostly pain free.  Not taking the time to making small changes can result in your home sitting on the market for a long time or not selling. To create the best environment for a quick home sale, improve the things you can.

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