Want to Sell Your Home? Focus Here.

Want to Sell Your Home? Focus Here.

To sell your home quickly requires part science part creativity. In order to help sell your home faster (and ideally at a greater value) you will want to focus your dollars on two key areas of your home: the kitchen and master bathroom.

Money making areas.

In order to sell your house at the price that is right for you, you may need to do more than organize and paint in your kitchen and bathrooms.  Buyers pay extra attention to these areas so make sure they are up to date, functional, and have clean lines.

Appealing to the buyers.

Looking at the homes around you is important before you begin to plan these renovations. You want to make sure that your home’s fixtures look similar to the competitive homes in your area. If the homes around you use simple or expensive fixtures in these areas you will want to, too. Remember: you want to appeal to the buyers in your area.

Making sure you get your investment back.

Looking into the homes around you can help you make the decision of what you will do with your kitchen and bathrooms. You want your home to stand out from the homes around you but not be out of place. This can save you a lot of money by determining if you just need to repaint and change out fixtures or if a complete overhaul will be necessary.

Saving and updating areas.

If you are lucky enough to be able to just update these key areas instead of completely redoing them, you can do this by simply making a few adjustments. If needed, replace appliances, hardware, and fixtures in the rooms. Add a fresh coat of paint and resurface the counters if needed. To help make your new area look larger make sure you declutter and clean off those countertops!

Catching the buyers eye with a master bathroom.

Redoing your bathroom can sometimes mean bringing in a number of professionals which by default also means spending a lot of money; alternatively, you could also opt to update what you have. By giving your bathroom a good clean, decluttering, and replacing fixtures and hardware you are sure to catch buyers eyes.

When you are ready to sell your home make sure you take the extra time to focus on kitchen and the master bathroom. These two areas are where your home buyers are placing the most emphasis, so to build even more value into your home, consider updating.

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