Find the Best School in Your New Neighborhood

Find the Best School in Your New Neighborhood

Whether you currently have a family or thinking about having one in the future, education is a very important part in deciding where you will be buying a home.  Today, there are many options out there to educate your child.  Consider these options when thinking about the schooling option for your family in your new neighborhood.

Your Child’s Learning Style is Important

You first want to identify the type of learner your child is.  This is important because you want to make sure the school is incorporating these learning styles in their lessons.  Ask questions to the principal and the teachers about how they teach.

Information About the School

You should also find out information like how many students per class, teacher-to-student ratio, and test results.  It is also worth finding out absentee rates for the school because it will show you if students enjoy going to the school or not.

Developing Emotionally

Your student’s emotional support and development is also very important.  The school should focus on developing your child emotionally while focusing on the academics.

21st Century Skills

In addition to academics, students need to be learning a number of skills in school.  How to work with technology, how to be creative, how to work with others, and how to think quickly are all skills that are developed in both the classroom and by participating in extracurricular activities at the school.

Consider Developing Schools

If you only want to send your child to the top ranked school you may be sitting on a waiting list for a number of years. This could become frustrating.  You may be more successful if you look into a school whose numbers continue to grow.  These schools are trying innovative things which are bringing families in and making them stay.

More than just the Curriculum

There are schools like magnet and charter schools that have a focus which goes beyond the curriculum. The school may focus on something in the arts and sciences while teaching to the multiple intelligences.

How You Feel in the School

The vibe of the school is very important.  You want to be able to walk into your child’s school and know they are safe and this will be a positive environment.  To do this you will need to visit schools to identify what you like about some and not others.

When considering where your next home will be, it is important that you factor in what your requirements are for schooling. By considering the above criteria it can help you decide what is important for you in a school.  This could be class size, test scores, or extracurricular activities.  Whatever it is, it is important to remember you may need to give up some things in order to get what you see as the most important.

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