How to De-Stress While Moving with Kids

How to De-Stress While Moving with Kids

When moving with kids the simplest tasks can be made difficult. For any number of reasons, your spouse and yourself may be overwhelmed with the move all while trying to make sure the kids don’t feel the stress. This can be very difficult. To relieve the stress of moving with kids, try these seven tips below.

Think About the Deal Breakers

The last thing you will want to do is purchase a home that you will regret. Before making your decision, make a list of all the things that you absolutely need in your new home and things that you can live without; buying a new home is about making compromises. Is the commute too long? If there not enough area for the kids to play? Is the yard big enough?

Keeping the Kids Involved

The kids will want to know the latest and see the home they are moving to beforehand. This is why it is important to involve your kids in the process at the right time. Once you feel like you have found the right home allow the kids to take a tour. They may even reveal positive and negative aspects about the home that you did not think about.

The Dreaded Unpacking

Many people believe that the worst part of moving is unpacking so make sure you ask for help to make this process easier.

A Real Budget

Don’t forget about the additional costs that occur when owning a home – utilities, insurance, property taxes, etc. These additional costs can burst your budget, causing unneeded stress for families.

Family Friendly Neighborhood

You may regret your move if you move out of a neighborhood where your kids have a lot of friends to play with into a neighborhood which is not family friendly. In order to avoid this mistake make sure you do your research on the area both online and in person, visiting the neighborhood a few times.

Daycare and Schools

In your new area you will need to make sure your kids have a place to go while you are at work. Before moving, give yourself time to set all these arrangements up so you don’t have to worry about them during the stress of the move.

Loving Your Home

You may not love your new home right away. Don’t worry! Homeowners have reported that it can take up to at least a year for them to feel settled in their new home.

When moving into a new home you need to take your time in order to do it correctly. Don’t feel rushed to make decisions because rushing does not always result in the best decision. When moving with kids, make sure to involve them and let them feel like a part of the process.

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