Small Living Space? Try These Ideas.

Small Living Space? Try These Ideas.

Trying to decorate and find storage in a small living space can be difficult for even the most experienced home owners. Below are some options to help increase storage space and tips on how to personalize your living space, no matter the size, all while being budget friendly.

How to Add Storage

Rolling Carts

Rolling carts give you immediate extra storage without taking up too much space. Also, since they have wheels, the carts can be moved to any room or space in your home. Carts can serve as a place to store extra blankets and pillows, an end table, or a portable bar.

Floating Shelves

The best part of floating shelves is the fact that they can literally be put anywhere you have wall space. Install a shelf by the front door to hold your keys your mail, in your kitchen to hold spices or coffees, or in your living room as a place to store books.

Wicker Baskets

Large wicker baskets are an excellent way to increase storage. These large baskets can hold just about anything, from blankets to sewing supplies. You can also use the baskets as decorative pieces next to the couch or in a corner.

Hanging Organizer

Much like the floating shelves, hanging organizers provide an easy way to sort and organize your possessions, especially important files or mail.

Lacquered Boxes

If you are looking for containers to hold small items, lacquered boxes are the answer. You can purchase these boxes in different colors and sizes, depending on your need. Lacquered boxes can be used to store items ranging office supplies to tea.

Decorating Tips

Sheepskin Throws

If you want to give your home a look of luxury without the cost, a sheepskin throw is the perfect answer. Sheepskin throws are relatively inexpensive, but can add a look of luxe to any room.

Floor Pillows

Seating is often times at a premium, especially if you have a small living area. Floor pillows allow you to have extra seats, and can be stored on the rolling carts or in the wicker baskets when you don’t need them.


Ask any designer how to make a space seem bigger, and they’ll answer with one word: mirrors. A mirror can be added to any wall in any room to make it seem bigger and lighter. You can use ornate frames to complement your aesthetic, or make a collage of different shaped mirrors.

Potted Plants

Having potted plants in your home gives it the feeling of being lived in and welcoming to guests. While plants may take up some valuable floor space, they are a great (and inexpensive) decorative piece, and can also be placed in any room.

Refurbished Bench

At first glance, a bench may seem to be more space taking than space making; however, a classic looking bench can add a personal touch to your home. The bench can be placed in the hallway or family room, and can double as a storage unit.

Making a small living space feel bigger does not need to be an expensive  undertaking. By being creative and thrifty, you can turn a small living space into your own comfortable oasis!

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