Why You Should Google Your Address

Why You Should Google Your Address

With today’s advancement in technology, accessing information has never been easier. A quick Google search can tell you the major news updates in Europe or what the ten-day forecast is for your city. Also, more and more people have access to the internet (and information) right in the palm of their hand. As a homeowner looking to sell or buy, it’s important to be able to use and access this information. The first place most buyers go to for information about a house or neighborhood is Google, so it’s good to know what’s out there.

Here are four reasons why you should Google search your home:

What does your home really look like?

Google maps has the ability to let potential buyers view your home as if they were standing in front of it. As a seller, it’s good to know what the first impression of your home is going to be for potential buyers. While Google street view can be a great asset to selling your home, it can also have a negative impact since the images are only updated every 1-3 years. Any recent renovations may not show up, or the street view could be a picture of your home under construction. Knowing this is what buyers see, include in your ad that your home was recently renovated and the pictures online do not accurately represent what it is now.

In addition to street view, Google maps also allows buyers to see a satellite view. A satellite view lets potential buyers see the neighborhood, as well as proximity to local shops and freeways. This birds eye view can really help the buyer understand how your property is laid out, as well as your neighbors.

Potential health risks

When moving to unfamiliar neighborhoods, there is a chance you could be living next to an airport or industrial company that pollutes the air. A Google search can help narrow down these areas and let the buyer really see if there are any potential health risks near your home. As the homeowner, you can be ready to answer questions about these businesses.  Finally, the Drug Enforcement Administration has a database of homes identified as drug labs. Potential buyers have this information at their fingertips, and it’s important that you are just as educated as them when it comes to your neighborhood.


A quick Google or Yelp search can give buyers more information about the local homeowners association (HOA) than the packet of information given when you buy a home. The review websites allows potential buyers to see what problems homeowners have with their association, as well as any benefits.

Community projects

Details of most community projects can be found online. Knowing this information can potentially attract a lot of buyers, especially if the area is being commercially developed. As as seller, being aware of community development plans can be used as a selling point in your ad. For buyers, they can use this information to see how these changes would impact their daily life, from freeway construction to new shopping centers to expanding the local school buildings.

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